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Rathcrog - Country Roads, Indeed

I've written several books (self-serving plug – sign up for the site mailing list to be notified about book launches, giveaways, and other cool stuff!). They tend to fall into one of two broad genres - 'kid lit', from picture books to middle-grade readers, and what is probably best called 'adult contemporary'.

Side note: I'll speak of genre classifications at a later date when I have a couple of stiff drinks in me.

Rathcrog is a horror novel, however.

The idea of writing it originated with my wife, who essentially said 'I dare you to'. The story itself was born on one of my semi-regular walkabouts, this particular one to West Virginia.

I stumbled upon the Preston County Inn in Kingwood, WV while googling for new locales to visit. Obviously, I had to check the place and area out.

Kingwood itself is an interesting place, faced with many of the same challenges many small towns are. As is also common to places largely left behind, people do what they have to do to get by - including the owner of the Preston. At the time of my visits, he was doing triple duty as inn keeper, town mayor, and local chamber of commerce president. A trifecta of rural living only matched in my personal experience by a neighbor here in Mass that offers taxidermy, herbs, and notary services. I had the opportunity to chat with him, as well as a few of his family members and staff. I'm grateful for all their time.

Another gentleman that helped grease the wheels of creativity I never actually met. Rather, it was through partaking of his wares (supplied by a friend of a friend of an acquaintance of his) that the framework for Rathcrog came together. In addition to supplying a lovely if potentially coma inducing home distilled unofficial beverage, his product doubles quite well as paint remover.

Note to self: make sure the lids are tight before putting said wares in the trunk next time.

Overall, the entire area was and is beautiful with down-home folks just getting on with life, all with stories to tell.

Did Rathcrog come from one of those stories? Is there any truth behind the horrific happenings in the book?

That, dear readers, I leave for you to decide.

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