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Neil T. Jacobs - One Son of a Bitch

With the pending release of Rathcrog, it's time Neil introduced himself to the world.


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Not likely to be a big surprise, since Rathcrog is currently listed at the top of this website, but just in case you haven't been paying attention, Neil is me.

This begs the obvious question of why was the book written using a pen name or, if you prefer to be all fancy and French-ish, a nom de plume?

Rathcrog represents a drastic departure from my usual writings. I've written numerous children's stories as well as books that fall into various adult genres (check out the main page for a few pending releases).

But, until Rathcrog, not horror.

Much of my other work focuses on people dealing with real-world situations (even if some of those situations are about ten degrees off kilter from our real-world), the emotional toll taken, and the journey that follows. If someone is looking for nitty, gritty, not for the faint of heart, keep the lights on while reading, those other books aren't it.

So Neil wrote it. Yes, yes, I know, Neil is me and I'm Neil.

But only on bad days. Really, really bad days. The kind when you hope that you buried it deep enough. Hope that you were far enough into the woods before rolling it down the hill that the bears and coyotes fill their bellies before any hikers wander off the trail and stumble across it. When you hope the statute of limitations has run out in the state of Rhode Island. Or South Dakota. Or…

You get the idea.

Neil is looking forward to meeting everyone.

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