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Interrupted Journey

In some ways, my life to date has been a series of interrupted journeys. Start down one path, end up taking a left instead of a right at a fork in the road, and find myself somewhere entirely unexpected.

Keeps things interesting.

One thing that has been a constant for me since I was knee high to a Flerken is my passion for a good story. I spent many, many hours as a kid curled up in a corner of the local library with a stack of books next to me, working my way through as many as I could to limit how many I would lug home. Hand in hand with my love of reading has been, and remains, wanting to tell a good story.

Rathcrog, I think, is a good story.

Written over the course of about six months (and just as many more being edited), Rathcrog is a (dark) horror novel. But it is also, I hope, a solid story involving people doing, reacting, and talking the way anyone might do, react, and talk when faced with...well, faced with anything life might throw at them.

Rathcrog also represents one of those forks in my life's path. Decades ago I 'took a right' and put aside my writing journey, with the exception of penning a newspaper technology column and a few other minor one-off articles, as I helped raise a family and continued in a technology career. As sometimes happens, my road did some interesting twists and turns, doubled back on itself and, a few years ago, I found myself looking at that same fork.

This time I took a left.

Rathcrog isn't the first novel I've written, but it is the first I'm publishing. Testing the waters a bit, you could say. Regardless of the publishing outcome, I am now pretty far down that alternate road, and it's an interesting one. Some nice scenery, a lot of good people. There's a bend ahead and a mist beyond...

Follow along, if you will. Let's see what's up ahead, together.

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