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Books, Releases, & Musings, Oh My!

The pen is mightier than the sword...blah, blah, blah.

Correct, I think, in a big picture sort of way. But what the saying doesn't cover is that the pen (and keyboard) whittles you down, one tiny bit at a time. When I'm having a rough day in front of the computer, I feel like pieces of my soul (or whatever black, tar-like substance I use in place of one) are being flicked off.

Such is the life of a writer.

Thank you for visiting, by the way. A writer lives and breathes by the words they put to paper, and some would claim they do it simply for the love of creating. Fair and true enough, but it isn't the whole story. I've never met a writer that didn't want (hope, dream) that whatever string of words they put together, however long or short that string might be, would be seen by others.

And praised, of course. Or at least, not torn apart. That's writer egos for you.

Speaking of (alter) egos...

Rathcrog, written by a different side of me than I usually let see the light of day, will be coming out soon. When exactly? That depends on a few items, but let's say before the end of the year. I'll keep y'all posted, as well talk a bit about how the book came together.


A backlog full of hobo stories, and dilapidated dreams...

You may have noticed a few other titles on the main page. Those listed are just a few of the adult and children's stories I have tucked away. The current plan is to get them out on a regular basis in the coming months and year. One note regarding the category 'Sci Magic' - The Food Court War is a bit of a mix between sci-fi and fantasy, so it's in it's very own category. It won't be an orphan for very long, though.

In the meantime, please subscribe for updates regarding release dates (including Rathcrog), new blog entries, and other interesting tidbits. Or if you prefer, just drop a comment.

See you again soon.

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