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A Parade in Every Town
Coming Autumn 2024!



The mountains of West Virginia have been home to humans for thousands of years. But something far older, and evil, has been there much longer.



Dennis Tierney, mediocre dentist and legendary (in his own mind) ladies’ man, had heard about the nearby abandoned mining town of Warner, and thought an exploration would liven up his monotonous days. So what if there were warnings and strange stories about it?


He really should have listened.

Writing as Neil T. Jacobs


A Parade in Every Town

The Sun Market and Trailer Park had its share of life-damaged residents. Frank Pullman would know, having lived there twenty years. The family of friends he had built over the years had helped him heal. Maybe not completely, but enough. Or so he thought.

Until the day Lila Fortin, on the run from her own pain, and possibly the police, arrived, and Frank knew that to help her find a future, he had to finish dealing with his own past.

Pending Releases

Adult Contemporary
Middle Grade Reader

Brotherly Love


It made sense that Fredricka Powell became a nun. After all, she was raised at a convent and her mother was a nun too.


But now her beloved mother was ill, the community foundation her mother had run for years was in danger of being shut down along with St. Rita's monastery that helped support it, and she was pretty sure St. Rita's handyman had feelings for her. Worse, she realized she had them for him as well.

All she could do is have faith it would all work out.

Novel Name: Brotherly Love
Picture Book

The Food Court War


Tim Lovell's job at the Paradise Mall SandWitch Shoppe was supposed to be temporary, until he managed to get one of his sci-fi stories published. Then he would be on his way to the big time!

But when he accidentally stayed past closing time, he discovered there was more going on at the food court, and the mall, than just fast food and rampant consumerism. And those fantastic stories he wrote couldn't compare to the creatures and worlds that were hiding in plain site!

Novel Name: The Food Court War
Picture Book
Novel Name: Samantha's Surprise

Samantha's Surprise


Samantha had no idea where the shoe-sized Elephant had come from. Or how he had learned to play the clarinet so beautifully.


But her father didn't care. He just wanted the tiny pachyderm to take his horn and stop causing noise, and trouble, in his house!

Novel Name: Ms. Heigliss vs the FBT

Ms. Heigliss vs the FBT


Cicily and Gwendolyn Parquatt were looking forward to summer vacation like most middle-school kids. Swimming, picnics, building a rocket ship in their backyard - all the usual stuff.

But when their teacher, Mrs. Smith, showed up and told them she was an agent of the Federal Bureau of Teachers (aka the FBT) and that she needed their help to stop her arch-nemesis from taking control of the world fish supply, they knew their space exploration would have to wait.

Chapter Book
Novel Name: King Pictairn

King Pictairn


Tom didn't quite believe his grandfather's stories of catching a leprechaun, and not just any leprechaun, but the 'King of the Western Lands'. He also didn't buy his explanation of supposedly losing the wishes before he could make them.


But when Tom finds a drawing in the barn of what appears to be a leprechaun trap, he decides maybe his grandfather really isn't just telling tall tales.



Elizabeth Fixes the Moon


Elizabeth had quite a sixth birthday. Her father let her stay up to see the full moon, and her grandmother gave her a turtle. She was so excited, even if her new pet never seemed to stop eating.

But when her turtle escaped and she saw more and more of the moon disappear each night, she knew she had to catch him before it was totally gone and her father found out!

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